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Premium QUEEN Apparel

This isn’t the archer with the band of merry men. This is the Green Arrow - protector of Star City and an invaluable member of the Justice League. When he isn’t out and about fighting bad guys, you can bet he’s in his Arrow cave training hard in his very own QUEEN hoodie. 

You just know the Green Arrow has mad style because when he isn’t wearing the mask, he’s out partying a wild life as Oliver Queen, playboy, and entrepreneur.

Made from the highest quality fabrics, our Green Arrow inspired hoodie kicks the ball out of the park.

In the comic, the mantle of the Green Arrow has been worn by more than one person. Oliver Queen’s son, Connor Hawke, has also had the privilege to bear the title of the Green Arrow, albeit for a short run. The Green Arrow has been known to work with a number of notable characters such as the Black Canary, Green Lantern, the Flash, and even Batman.

Now take a look at our Green Arrow inspired hoodie before the shelves run empty. A few clicks away and you’ll be training like the Green Arrow himself.

This Green Arrow inspired hoodie will make sure that you’re the coolest looking guy in the gym…or anywhere else for that matter!