Superhero Athleisure

Premium MURDOCK Seamless Apparel

Gone are the days of plain colors activewear.

Say hello to world's first (and only) superhero inspired seamless apparel.

If you have seen seamless apparel then you know it almost always comes in a simplistic plain color design and there is a good reason for that. Seamless technology is quite complex and doesn't leave much room for innovation.

That is only if you are not I AM SUPERHERO :)

We are proud to present our one-of-a-kind Daredevil inspired seamless collection featuring the latest innovation in seamless design and functional technology. Four-way stretch material combines with seam-free silhouettes to create our most comfortable and most flattering sportswear yet.

Seamless clothing has not stitches or seams (duh!) which is the newest and innovative way of manufacturing clothing. The absence of stitches and seams brings a number of benefits:


Probably the single biggest benefit (besides looking amazing) to wearing seamless activewear is that this workout gear is some of the most long-lasting, durable stuff available on the market today. Why? Because it doesn’t use any seams or stitching, your gear can take more of a beating at the gym and on the track. Your body isn’t pulling and tugging at the threads that hold everything together because there aren’t any.


  • World's first Daredevil inspired seamless apparel, not found in retail stores or anywhere else for that matter
  • Lightweight, flexible and breathable SUPERWEAR™ material that moulds to your body with no stitches
  • Seamless leggings construction crotch panel keeping your precious in place :)
  • Elastic leggings waistband with reflective logo on the back you will fall in love with
  • Seamless shirt knit light perforation with mesh added for increased breathability