You can argue all you want but the electrifying Electro is by far Spiderman’s most formidable foe. You’ll feel his formability too once you don one of our Electro inspired compression workout wear. Spark up your workout routine while looking cool. Our incredibly comfortable clothes are made from an incredibly comfortable polyester blended material. You'll love the unique design fashioned after the shocking villain himself.

Electro A.K.A Maxwell Dillon donned his colorful costume after being struck by lightning while working as a lineman. Instead of killing the man, it caused a mutagenic reaction in his nervous system giving himself abnormal powers. Now, he has the ability to manipulate and create electricity, using his powers to live a riveting life of crime.

Although usually working under an evil genius, Electro is always a vital piece to every mastermind’s plan. He has been a part of the sinister 6 (6 of Spider Man's most notorious villains) multiple times. With his powers, he has brought the wall-crawler to the brink of defeat consistently. Electro is still crafty even when he’s all by himself, constantly giving ol' Spidey a run for his money and trying to prove he’s Spider Man's worst enemy.

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