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Superhero Costumes


It's hard to find high-quality cosplay costumes and superhero costumes for adults serious about their heroes.  Well, your search is over!  We're serious about having fun with our superhero cosplay.

Wonder Woman

Not every superhero can boast demigoddess status while packing an arsenal full of heavy tech; except for Wonder Woman. As the daughter of Zeus and amazon queen Hippolyta, she possesses radical physical strength and a penchant for delivering justice.

Black Panther

Black Panther gives us the best of everything we expect from our heroes. After inheriting his leadership, he faces incredible obstacles while using his human and super abilities to save his country.


Batman is the notorious and beloved vigilante of Gotham. Notable for his humanity, extreme intelligence, and physical prowess, he's willing to do just about anything for justice. That includes doubling as mobster Matches Malone to get the answers he needs.


Survivor, sidekick, and superhero in her own right, Supergirl has captivated fans for generations. While she's seen as Superman's younger cousin, she's actually older but was sent to earth in stasis.


Spiderman has gone through numerous evolutions through his time as one of our most popular heroes. While everybody has their favorite, you can't argue he's one of the best.