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Our compression clothing has been designed to be worn in all active sports from rugby to basketball, running, cycling, paddle boarding, and training in the gym. This is because they improve the supply of blood to the muscles which leads to an increased delivery of oxygen. Not only that, they also result in improved performance, and a lowered risk of injury.

The increased blood supply to your exercising muscles also enhances the removal of lactic acid and other wastes. This means that you’ll be able to workout for longer periods of time whilst maintain your performance.

Our compression clothing also ensures that the muscles recover faster after the exercise sessions which aids consistency. Pro and amateur athletes who use compression workout gear also report that they experience less pain in the muscles after their workouts. Additionally, the special fabric found in this clothing hugs the body during workouts and this support boosts your workout by optimizing your range of motion.

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When compared to loose sweatpants and oversized cotton T-shirts, the tightness of our compression clothing identifies them as modern workout wear for the 21st century. It is important to note that even though they are not loose, these trendy workout attires are also comfortable because they support the body very effectively.

However, most of the gym clothes for women that is available out there is pretty plain and boring, which is why our range of superhero gym clothing will add that extra bit of excitement to your workouts!

Superhero Workout Gear

Our workout compression gear is made from a material that keeps you cool when exercising in a hot environment but also keeps you warm in a cold one. This special fabric also pulls moisture and keeps it away from the body.

Our trendy compression clothes have great designs which make you not only look good while exercising, but also feel good. They are also trendy enough to be worn when running errands or lounging at home.

For our custom designed workout clothes, we advocate buying one that is 2 times larger than your normal size to avoid over-compressing yourself. For the best results, follow our size guide so that you can order your perfect fit.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a super heroine who is also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira or Diana Prince. This Amazonian princess has been gifted with beauty, brains and brawn. Our Wonder Woman compression clothing can imbue you with a sense of being a super heroine as you workout because they keep your muscles warm which reduces the likelihood of straining them. They will also decrease the duration of recovery after exercising while keeping you comfy and dry as you exercise.  


Deadpool, also known as Wade Winston Wilson, is the physically disfigured and mentally unstable her who is also an undeniably exceptional fighter. He has a special ability of accelerated healing which we would all love to have! Our Deadpool compression clothing can instill upon you the exhilarating feeling of being a superhero as you workout. It can help prevent workout strain by keeping your muscles warm as you exercise. They will also reduce the duration it takes to recover after exercising which will help you resume your normal day-to-day activities with more ease.


Ironman is also known as Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark, the suave executive and ingenious scientist with a special-powered, armored suit. Our Ironman compression clothing helps you stay dry even after a rigorous workout, and in so doing, ensures that you do not develop sores and other skin irritations. Moreover, they also reduce not only your muscle strain but also your recovery time after exercise.


The X-men are a group of mutant superheroes led by Professor X or Charles Xavier. These gifted individuals have special gifts and abilities that enable them to maintain peace between their kind and the humans. Our X-men compression clothing can be utilized by athletes of all types and in a wide variety of sports like basketball, and rock climbing as well as working out in a gym. This is because they keep your muscles warm which reduces muscle strain.


Spiderman is a well-known superhero who is also known as Peter Parker. This high school student received his special powers when he was bitten by an irradiated spider. Our Spiderman compression clothing can imbue you with a sense of being superhero strength as you workout because they make muscles appear more toned which will motivate you to continue exercising. They will also decrease the duration of recovery after exercising and keep you dry and comfortable.


Unlike other superheroes, Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, is simply a man without special powers. However, that does not stop this billionaire who lost his parents when he was a child from helping others by transforming himself into the Dark Knight to root out crime from Gotham City. Use our Batman themed compression clothing and enjoy the special breathable material they are made of which keeps you dry and comfortable. They also keep your muscles warm which reduces the risk of muscle strain.

Captain America

Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America is an American soldier who received special abilities after he was given a special serum during the Second World War. Our Captain America compression clothing will keep you dry with their special fabric which enhances airflow and wicks sweat away from your body. They also keep your muscles warm which reduces the likelihood of straining them.

Black Panther

Black Panther, or T’Challa, is a spectacular scientist and strategist who obtained his special senses from an herb. Feel like a superhero with our Black Panther compression clothing and enjoy how they stretch to enhance your agility and performance in your fitness regime. They also keep your muscles warm and reduce the chances of developing muscle strains.

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