Punisher: The Relentless Pursuit of Victory

Punisher: The Relentless Pursuit of Victory


Frank Castle pursues crime with a vengeance as the Punisher. He suits up with a mobile arsenal of firepower capable of flattening a city block. Both in comics and in movies Punisher is often shown calmly strolling through a gauntlet of opponents and eventually emerging solely as the victor. He uses every form of munitions he can get his hands on, and he is a good empty handed fighter as well.

You could argue that although Punisher was a victim, his family killed by organized crime, he chose a much more simplistic approach and method than Batman. He uses any tool available: Gun, knife, or bare hand. He doesn’t really have any gimmicks. His costume is as minimal as it gets. This Punisher Compression Shirt is a good example. If Punisher has a super power it is his relentless tenacity, and we all could use some.

The Punisher is a popular character for all of the reasons that I mentioned, and I think that if we channel a bit of the Punisher’s method towards positive outcomes, such as pursuing our goals, we will be more successful. If we boil The Punisher’s method down to its essence, it is: Keeping simply defined objectives and doing whatever is necessary to achieve the desired results. I guess another way to say it is to just keep it simple.

Pursue your goals relentlessly

Have you always wanted to do something? Get in shape? Learn a martial art? Start a business? Write a book? What’s keeping you from doing it? “It’s complicated” is sometimes the answer, “You don’t know what it’s like” and “I’m too busy” are all common refrains. Actually, we are all in the same boat, and most of us have more ability than confidence so we stay stuck. The issue can almost always be reduced down to fear.

I don’t dismiss fear, it is a real thing, and you have to respect it, but you also must overcome it if you want to get passed where you are. It will take you, and you alone, to do what is necessary to achieve your goals. Most of us want to have a cheering section, and it would be nice, but in reality, no matter what happens it is always up to us to achieve the things we want: Punisher has no sidekick.

Here are some ideas that will help you get moving towards your goals.

  • Set goals that you really want to achieve - If you want to lose 10 pounds don’t shoot for 5, aim for 10 pounds.
  • Commit yourself to achieving your goal – That means committing some time to it. If you don’t schedule in some time to do it, how will it happen? Start with small increments of time, but start.
  • Write it down – There is something special that happens when you write down your goals. You are more likely to be successful if you write down your goals than if you don’t.

Time is the killer of dreams

I should say the “perception” of time is the killer of dreams. The excuse that I hear most often is “I don’t have the time.” It seems to get worse as we get older, or if truth be told, maybe we just get better at making excuses.

How long do things really take? How about getting in shape? Most actual workouts are not that long. You can get a great workout in under an hour a day. Do it three days a week and you’re in business. If you log how much time you fool around on social media, or other distractions, I bet that there is some time available for the things you want to achieve.

If your goals mean something to you, you will find the time. What would Punisher do? I can’t see Frank Castle all decked out in his long sleeve Punisher compression shirt, with all of his weaponry ready, and then looking at his watch and saying, “I better get my laundry done…” and walking away. Not likely. Let’s follow Frank’s example and be relentless in the pursuit of our goals.

When you get knocked down, get back up

Punisher doesn’t have a magic ring, special glasses, or magic phrases. When he fights the bad guys he gets hit, kicked, and knocked down, just like everyone else. The difference is he gets back up. Just because you have great goals, a plan, and you are pursuing it methodically, doesn’t mean you won’t have difficulty. I can almost guarantee you that you will. It is in those moments that you will be tested. You will get knocked down, and then you have to decide if you will get back up and continue or, give up. The champion boxer Jack Dempsey has a great quote worth remembering:

A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t

— Jack Dempsey

Suit up! Slip on one this unique Punisher compression shirt and get ready for action. Wear the skull and strike fear into the heart of all the things that stand in your way.