How to Dress Like a Superhero

How to Dress Like a Superhero


With costume season fast approaching, everyone’s thoughts are turning to the most important question; what will I wear? With a new superhero blockbuster every year, you can’t go wrong with a superhero costume. Learn from recent costume designers like Kurt & Bart from Deadpool 2. They were inspired by everyday clothing when creating their superhero costumes.

Your costume could range from anything, from a simple shirt to a full-blown spandex outfit. Opportunities to dress-up are numerous, from gyms, Halloween or themed parties to a comic convention or the latest movie. Get ready for some crime-fighting fun.


Simply putting on a shirt with your chosen superheroes logo on the chest is an easy costume. Declare your alliance with one of these cool superhero gym gear. Why not stand out from the crowd?

For men, try adding some stylish pants and a clean jacket. Women can use a high-waisted skirt, belt and bright tights or leggings to make your outfit pop.


The high standard in superhero costumes can be daunting when creating your own outfit. Thanks to modern fashion you can now easily buy spandex for every size. However, wear it with caution. Everyone clearly remembers a girl strutting down the street wearing spandex tights as pants, it’s not a good look.

So why not wear a simple skirt or shorts on top and truly enhance your costume style. You can purchase spandex from sports shop as athletic wear in nearly any color.

You can identify spandex by the feel of the material or read the label to be sure. You can mix and match tops and bottoms to create a costume that suits your style. But keep in mind that most superheroes have their entire body covered from head to toe.

Everyone remembers the Scarlet Widow’s striking full body suit from The Avengers. If you’re extremely confident and want to get a similar look you can purchase a full body suit, some even hide your face to truly freak out your friends.


What would a superhero be without the mask that hides their secret identity?

A mask can be range from something as simple as Clark Kent’s glasses to Batman’s cowl, complete with bat ears. As such your own mask can be almost anything. Though a traced cardboard mask may seem tacky, if you color it right it can look amazing.

Your options don’t stop there. You could use tin foil to shape the mask perfectly to your face or paper mache to create something next level. Whichever you’re medium, don’t forget to cut holes for your eyes and mouth and attach it with either ribbon or elastic.


Luckily for us, capes, just like spandex, have made their return to the runways. These warm fashion accessories not only create a unique silhouette but are insanely fun to wear.

Who doesn’t like to feel like royalty swishing around in a velvet cape? Capes can be personalized with your hero’s logo or name and can be made of any fabric you have lying around. Start by cutting a rectangle and draping it over your shoulders. Finally, attach it with a ribbon, Velcro strip or a safety pin.


Every male superhero has worn a suit at least once. And there’s a simple reason for that; suits make men look incredibly attractive. It’s that simple. So if you’re looking to catch the eye of your geek princess why not consider the classic suit?

Weird Hats

An odd though fashionable accessory, unusual hats are stable at every comic con. From Magneto’s classic metal helm to Jayne Cobb’s ridiculous beany, strange hats make a statement.

Put simply, they’re an easy accessory to turn any outfit into a costume. People are even wearing cat-eared beanies in everyday lives. This is an excellent opportunity to break out your sewing kit and give creating your own funky hat a go. Show your geek pride with some awesome headgear!


What would Wonder Woman be without her eye-catching red boots? Not everyone owns or can afford such lavish footwear, so why not save some coin and make your own on a budget.

The easiest and cheapest option would be to find a pair of brightly colored rain-boots. Knee length socks in the same color as your shoe can create the illusion of boots.

For those wanting to create every piece in your costume, you can sew your own felt boots in the shape and style of your design. To create a cheap but dystopian-style shoe you can wrap duct tape around your shoe and shin to create a battle-ready boot.


A subtle addition to any outfit and easy way to show your geek pride, jewelry can tie your outfit together. The influx of geek merchandise in recent years has led to the creation of some unique statement pieces inspired by comic books.

If you don’t feel confident wearing a Batman pendant or a leather bracelet with a Spider-man logo, why not show some subtle fan love with cufflinks? Not only can you wear them for a costume, but you can show a hint of geekiness at your next black-tie event.


Superhero costumes are a staple at any convention. There’s nothing more fun than living out your childhood dreams dashing around in a mask and cape. Your option for creating your own costume range from buying premade pieces or making your own unique costume. Now, my good heroes, take flight and embrace your alter-egos.