How Superheroes Get Their Powers

How Superheroes Get Their Powers


Superheroes, in most movies, refer to the people with super abilities and forces that a normal human being lacks. Superheroes, are believed to obtain powers in different ways and from different sources.

Some are even considered to have gotten them from magical items or lineages that had powers. Some superheroes are considered to be vengeful, while others are on the good side claiming to bring peace into the world.

Authors and directors have come up with different ways to show how superheroes have gained these supernatural forces.

Here are some ways on how superheroes get their powers:


Radioactive materials are known to expose people to abnormal behaviors and supernatural powers. Scenes from movies like Star Trek II and The Wrath of Khan have shown radioactive components to magnify the body’s ability.

In some cases, radiation even led to death. Although some characters like Jonathan Osterman in Dr. Manhattan was able to escape this and transformed into a super being.

Bruce Banner was exposed to the gamma radiation that contaminated his cells. They turned him into The Hulk every time he lost his temper, giving him extra strength and abilities. Later on, he tries to find a cure.

Those who did not die from radiation developed senses that turned into powerful capabilities. However, radiation is not a good thing, especially for humans. This is because it interferes with the normal body functions and can lead to death, as mentioned. That is why it is best to avoid exposure at all costs.

Exposure to Items in Another Planet

Traveling to space and other galaxies different from the Earth set up in movies have shown exposure to chemicals from a planet not common to man. This has also been seen in movies such as Supergirl and The Fantastic Four.

This makes it seem as if other planets have special items and powers. And they seem to magnify the normal human senses and capabilities beyond what everyone else can do.

Exposure to these chemicals and artifacts that don’t come from Earth seem to give super strength and ability. They allow one to crush even the hardest known metals on Earth.

Magical Artifacts

Magical pieces like the Green Lantern Power Ring found by Hal Jordan tell a lot about magical powers derived from items that heroes came across. Considered to be antiques or of alien origins, these artifacts gave them superpowers that made it look magical.

These usually required very little strength and effort to perform tasks.

Bites from an Animal or Magical Creature

The famous Spiderman movie and story details how Peter Parker was bitten by a spider. This started his transformation into the man that always came to the rescue and saving people’s lives.

The spider bite transformed Peter into a man capable of climbing up walls, sense danger and gave him super strength to fight villains. There are also stories of werewolves and vampires that showed advanced powers, which enabled people to fly and even transform.

These creatures seem to live in the scariest places like graveyards and dark alleys. But you seem to develop extra strength and capabilities once they bite you. In a comic book, the construction foreman Wes Cassady was bitten by a radioactive rabbit.

Later on, he became a human mutant, gained superhuman speed as well as the ability to sense when he was being watched. Not only that, the radioactive rabbit bite gave him strong kicking skills.

Learning and Practicing Magic

Through magical practices and the casting of spells from old mythical books, some superheroes were able to get powers. The books either appeared magically or were for a specific person, one who was meant to come to save the world at a later date.

The power of mystic arts, as shown by Dr. Strange or Dr. Fate, has displayed the power behind learning to be better magicians.

Scientific-Technological Advancements

Some superheroes are not made by accident, but from birth. They arise after experimental procedures or from certain clothing that have superpower abilities.

Scientific and technological advancements from experiments tried out by scientists developed upgraded clothing. These clothing displayed super abilities. Some of the scientific advancements were made through trials on volunteers. Or accidentally where they worked.

Others were made through genetic engineering. Or by adding mechanical features that heightened the super abilities.

For instance, the Iron Man suit that Tony Stark dresses in is well-armored with technological upgrades that allow him to fly into space. The same goes for the War Machine suit worn by James Rhodes and the X-O Manowar suit of Aric of Dacia. All of these displayed super strength and agility.

Born with Super Abilities

The Marvel agents’ movies and stories tell of mutants born with superhuman abilities. The mutation ability is normally in their DNA, though resting until it is triggered by something at a particular age. There are also metahumans who have special powers since birth.

Most mutants in comics such as X-Men realized their powers after getting to a particular age. For instance, during their adolescent stage. There are also mutants whose skin changed color, among other body transformational changes.

The Deadpool movie showed Wade Wilson injected with a mutation-activating serum. This awakened the superpowers within him.


Most superheroes are humans, although some are gods, aliens and mutants. Marvel has mutants and gods like Thor among other superheroes. As mentioned, superhuman powers are either by invention, encounter, or by accident.

You might be just an ordinary person now, but there are some ways to feel like a superhero. For one thing, dressing up like a superhero can make you feel like one. You can also try wearing superhero-themed outfits and dress up like your favorite hero or heroine.