Christmas Superhero Costumes

Christmas Superhero Costumes


With Halloween over, it’s time to start getting excited for Christmas and this means it’s time to let go of your inhibitions, or at least hide them behind your favorite superhero costume. Superheroes have inspired the minds of millions of kids and adults worldwide – no surprise, considering how thrilling it would feel to be Batman, Superman, Deadpool, or others. If you’re having a fancy dress Christmas party, why not dress up as your favorite superhero?

The film industry has counted on the fan’s comic book adoration and we want to show you six costume choices which will surely impress just about everyone during the festive period:

Wonder Woman

Fans are probably even more excited than ever to hear the words “Wonder Woman,” considering the immersive performance of Gal Gadot. You, too, can now feel as intriguing, stunning, brave and strong as this eye-catching superhero. Wonder Woman costumes are selling faster than bread and we think you’ll want to get your hands on one as well!


Guardians of the Galaxy

There is not one character from Guardians of the Galaxy which deserves this spot more than the other. The creators of the comic book and movies have designed an intriguing and unique world which beautifully complements each character’s design – no wonder the films following the story have been such a huge success!

If you’re looking for a costume which will make you stand out from others, Guardians of the Galaxy is a safe choice. The sequel movie has added some fresh and exciting faces to the mix which means there’s so many great characters that you could dress up as!

Best of all, you could even get your coworkers or family and friends to dress up like some of the other characters and make a whole team!


Charm, uniqueness and inappropriate humor is what Deadpool is best known for. He is not a traditional superhero, but his black and red costume is exquisitely different from any others we’ve seen so far.

We’re also convinced that Ryan Reynolds has done Deadpool justice and there is little concern about the popularity of this superhero dying down anytime soon.



No list would be complete without Batman and we don’t expect anything to change when it comes to fancy dress costumes this Christmas. The billionaire Bruce Wayne is loved by many since it gives us hope – no superhero powers, just a whole lot of money spent to design weapons and armors to help save the world.

Although the costume won’t grant you the superhero powers you’re craving for, Ben Affleck has reminded us of all the reasons we love Batman and we expect to see these costumes to be seen on streets this year.



Admit it - you have probably used your spidey senses and knew this superhero was next on our list. Returning to the big screens in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man is as loved as ever, showing a hardened version of one of the world’s favorite superheroes.

Trying to recreate the costume portrayed in the famous comic books, the creator of the movie swept away fans with the accuracy of the design - and fans were over the moon. This element re-spiked the idea that Spiderman is an all-time classic choice which we would be crazy not to embrace.

Either you’re looking for the accurate comic replica or prefer the Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man hoodie + joggers, one thing remains clear as day – Spider-Man will always be remembered as one of the coolest characters with a unique costume design.


Captain America

This year marks the 75th anniversary of this brave superhero and we are expecting fans to feel loyal to Captain America’s enticing costume. We can’t forget about the commercial acclaim that Captain America: Civil War gained after its release and when taking all these facts together, it’s no surprise that this will be a popular choice!

The overzealous patriotism which made this superhero famous is bound to make him relatable to fans nationwide – similar to Superman or even Batman. There are many different choices you can pick from - from the original costume, to the armored design from Age of Ultron.



This Christmas, you have the chance to feel like one of your favorite superheroes. Unleash your alter ego and transform your imagination to recreate your hero by wearing one of these six costumes designed for the fearless and adventurous defenders of our world. Why not add a splash of tinsel or Santa’s hat in the mix to add to the festive spirit?!