Best Real-Life Superheroes

Best Real-Life Superheroes


Welcome to the real world of superheroes! Heroes are no longer limited to insane powers and abilities, or to the TV screen for that matter. There have been real-life superheroes since 2017 and - possibly even before then.

Read a bit more about real life superheroes vigilantes that have become popular, thanks to the accessibility of social media. Learn how to become a superhero in real life. No, you don’t always have to go through a painful, near-death experience or another traumatizing event commonly portrayed on the big screen.

Thanatos of Vancouver

Thanatos struts a costume inspired by various superheroes: The Green Hornet, Batman, and Doc Savage for example. He walks the streets of Vancouver, helping the homeless, poor and lonely residents of downtrodden downtown. He appears as a friendly man who mainly takes water and food supplies to the needy. He also favors acts of kindness, such as simply listening to their stories.

Thanatos has known ugly encounters but is thankfully experienced enough to be able to handle such situations. He commonly delivers slips of paper to the forgotten people of the city with the word “Friend” written on it. This small act of kindred spirit-ness has been located on various men and women who have passed due to cold and sickness.

Redbud Woman of Beijing

The appearance of a blue masked woman in Beijing hit the internet a while back. She was praised for helping out the poor as well. Her acts of kindness included handing out money, gifts, and clothing to the homeless and less fortunate.

She remains unidentified but keeps a blog of her adventures available. It goes to show that when you set your mind on something, you can do it, no exceptions. For the Redbud Woman, how to become a superhero is easy to answer - you just have to care enough to act.

Guardians of Tomorrow

You might not have known before but there is an actual program to help you learn how to be a superhero in real life. They do not teach you how to become a superhero with powers, mind you, but how to harness your innate abilities and become uniquely you.

Mr. Xtreme of United States

Let’s go to the United States where another superhero called Mr. Xtreme has been spotted. He’s another homemade superhero that has good intentions to make the world a better place.

How to Become a Superhero

Here are the three essential steps to becoming a superhero. Follow each one to be the best superhero in the world and help make necessary and much-needed changes in your immediate neighborhood. The steps are easy and anyone can achieve them with proper dedication, openness, practice and maybe just a tad bit of luck.

Think like a hero

If you wish to become a superhero, you must first learn how to think like one. Superheroes are always thinking positively and observing how they can help their community in general.

This means putting other people, their needs and to a certain degree, their desires before you. In order to think like a hero, you must first let go of your ego and your selfish ways (not completely, but enough to be able to sacrifice time and effort).

You should be the active one in the group of passive onlookers. Learn to be empathic and actually listen to those around you to understand what needs to be done, all within ethical and moral standards of course.

Act like a hero

Now that you have a superhero mentality, it is time to act upon it. This means getting out there and confronting your fear and other emotional uprisings. It means taking the time to act upon injustice and it means openly being generous, kind, and helpful.

You can start with small acts of kindness to boost your self-esteem and courage. Try cutting an elderly's lawn for example or carrying someone’s bags. You can also visit your local shelter and serve food to the homeless. Try visiting an asylum and helping out with supplies or simply taking your time to talk to the lonely person in the corner is an act of a hero. Build your way up to even bigger jobs if you wish, it is all up to you.

Grow as a hero

Once you start thinking and acting like a hero on a daily basis, you will grow as one. Growing as a superhero entails evolving and becoming a better person. Remember that you are only human and will err every once in a while.

The important thing is having an unshakable foundation of ethics and morals, so you won’t cross the line into villain-hood. Also, spread your good works and inspire others to join in the battle against loneliness, indifference, and criticism.


Now that you have read about real life superheroes and how to become one of them, you are ready to see the world with different eyes. Take charge of your own uniqueness and your ability to inspire, to be kind, and to love.

A real superhero is willing to confront their own selfishness, pity and fear, and turn it into amazing good works that other people will be awed with. What you do and how you do it is all up to you, there are plenty of ways to be a superhero.

You can remain anonymous or choose to tell your tale as well. The important thing is mustering the courage to make a change in the world. Even if it is a small change because ultimately, the people that you end up helping will never forget you. And being remembered fondly and lovingly is one of the greatest things in the world. Become the superhero you know you can be!