6 Ways to Wear Compression Clothing Outside the Gym

6 Ways to Wear Compression Clothing Outside the Gym


With an increasing number of fitness enthusiasts sporting compression clothing outside of the gym, it comes as no surprise that clothing manufacturers have also jumped on the compression clothing bandwagon. Besides looking trendy, compression clothing also offers a variety of health benefits.

Combine with a See-through Dress

One of the great things about leggings is that they allow you to show off what you’ve been putting in time for at the gym. Let everyone know that you’ve been cranking out squats at your local gym with a pair of see-through compression clothes that reveal just enough.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing something see-through, cover-up with a transparent dress. Or go with a long sweatshirt-leggings combo for that casual-chic look.

Forget Skin-tight, Dress Right

Contrast is the word here when you’re sporting compression clothing for a day out. Forget the tight-on-tight ensemble to avoid looking like you just left a body-paint model shoot.

While you may be dying to just show off your toned summer bod, tight-on-tight just does not work for a situation such as this. Instead, go for a loose sweater or jacket over your top and combine it with a set of leggings for that classy, sophisticated look.

The option of having layers on top allows you to change-up your look quickly if need be.

Compression Clothing for Your Pre-workout

Rather than spending time warming up at the gym, why not throw on a set of compression clothes for a pre-workout session?

Compression clothes like shorts are designed to apply pressure to joints and muscles to improve blood flow. This allows you to enjoy a more effective warm-up while minimizing the risk of picking up an injury.

Warming-up before an exercise session gently increases your heart rate and blood circulation in advance before you exert yourself.

By feeding your muscles with oxygen-rich blood, chances are, you can enjoy an increase in performance. For instance, you will have improved strength and stamina, which allow you to have a more fulfilling workout session.

For Post-workout Recovery

As any athlete and gym buff can tell you, your post-workout procedure is just as important as your pre-workout. In fact, studies have shown that your post-workout activity could be even more important.

After exerting yourself at the gym, your muscles are probably tired and beaten after all they’ve been through. Hence, take the time to bring your body back to a recovery position by performing light exercises to loosen taut muscles.

Compression clothing is especially important in this situation, as they encourage the flow of oxygenated blood to your muscles. This helps break down excess lactic acid, which reduces soreness and pain after a workout.

After arriving home and taking a hot shower, consider replacing your PJs with a set of comfortable joggers. This is because compression clothes put pressure on your muscles and further encourages recovery.

As a result, you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another day at the gym.

When You’re Travelling

Nothing can be worse than spending hours in a cramped aircraft seat and leaving with swollen ankles and extremely spongy feet.

This is because remaining seated for extended periods of times without moving (i.e. 4 hours and above) has a tendency to cause blood clots. This is known as Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT.

While you may be as healthy as ever, DVT is a common problem for folks travelling on the long-haul, regardless of age. Fortunately, a good pair of compression socks and leggings can help you avoid the dreaded swollen feet when you’re travelling for extended periods of time.

This is because the added pressure placed on your legs and feet encourage the flow of blood, which prevents blood clots and swollen feet.

Besides the obvious health benefits, leggings are a great look when paired with our fashion tips above. On the other hand, their added flexibility ensures that you’ll be comfortable on long flights or train rides.

Water Sports

While bikinis are a great choice for showing off your body, you just need to cover up for certain watersports sometimes.

If you’ve taken up stand-up paddle boarding or surfing, the efficient moisture management systems incorporated in compression clothing make them a great alternative for a bathing suit.


Compression clothes have almost become a fashion statement in recent times. Besides helping you look awesome, they also have a range of health benefits. This is why you should seriously consider them the next time you’re heading out for a good time.