5 Greatest Superhero Fights of All Time

5 Greatest Superhero Fights of All Time


Many people love a good brawl between superheroes and supervillains. With so many abilities and powers coming into play, it’s no surprise that audiences and fans alike are spoilt for choice. That said, here’s our choice of the 5 greatest superhero fights of all time.

Batman Versus Superman Brawl

The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel have come to blows on several occasions, but the most memorable brawl has to go to the beatdown in The Dark Knight Returns (1986).

After employing brutal tactics that blur the lines between outright violence and crime-fighting in Gotham City, the U.S Military sends Superman in to deal with an out-of-control Batman.

The resulting showdown sees Batman employing sophisticated technology such as a power armor and Kryptonite arrows to hammer the Man of Steel into submission.

Fun fact:

This fight scene served as the inspiration for the showdown in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman.


Magneto Tears Out Wolverine’s Adamantium

The 90s was an interesting time for both DC and Marvel comics. Marvel had their heroes facing down increasingly violent villains as well as fighting secret wars. However, DC went the extra mile by outright killing or paralyzing their heroes.

One example of this era can be seen when Magneto and Wolverine battled each other. By utilizing his ability to control metal, Magento outright rips out the adamantium laced into Wolverine’s skeleton.

While this is not a terminal experience, thanks to Wolverine’s healing factor, this must have been an extremely agonizing moment for him.

Deadpool Versus Wolverine

Both characters have a propensity for extreme violence and have a healing factor that makes them nearly invulnerable. That being said, it all starts off with Deadpool accepting a contract to kill Wolverine.

He attempts to do so by first dropping a piano on Wolverine, which only angers him. As the fight continues, Deadpool gets his fingers cut off by Wolverine. On the other hand, Wolverine gets a bullet in the head.

While they both fail to kill each other, the fight humorously ends with Wolverine telling Deadpool that he would eat him the next time Wade tries to off him.

Deadpool Versus Marvel Universe

Witnessing Deadpool slaughter every single hero and villain in the Marvel Universe is both hilarious and disturbing. However, this is not actual canon in the Marvel Universe, but actually takes place in an alternate timeline.

This installment starts out with Deadpool killing the entire Fantastic Four team when he attacks their headquarters. Then, it ends with Deadpool breaking the fourth wall when he gets transported into a universe where the Marvel writers are meeting. Naturally, he kills them all too.

Along the way, Deadpool kills Spiderman by shooting him in the head and decapitates Wolverine with a Carbonadium sword which affects his healing abilities.

The Punisher Versus Wolverine

Frank Castle aka The Punisher is feared by both hero and villain alike for his cold, calculating approach to violence as well as his brutal style. In The Punisher Vol. 5 #17, our favorite Canadian, Wolverine, was at the receiving end of The Punisher’s propensity for violence.

Taking advantage of Wolverine’s healing factor, The Punisher used a shotgun on Wolverine’s face and testes. Being the poster child for moderation, The Punisher then used a steamroller to run over Wolverine’s body.

These are just some of the most breathtaking and intense fight scenes of all time. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.