10 Fun Facts about Black Panther You Didn't Know

10 Fun Facts about Black Panther You Didn't Know


If you are a diehard Marvel fan, the name Black Panther will not be unfamiliar to you. Introduced to the public in 1966, the character was created by the founding fathers of modern comics, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, both whom have made tremendous contributions to Marvel. Here are the top ten intriguing facts about the Black Panther that you may not have known.


1. He Is a Leader of the Wakanda Tribe

The name ‘Black Panther’ was an earned ceremonial title that was given to the leader of the Panther Clan in the technologically-advanced African nation, Wakanda. With the fear of foreign exploitation on their land, Black Panther’s father isolated Wakanda from the outside world.

Here’s a bonus for you: The land is very rich in rare metals and precious minerals, thanks to a meteorite crash. You may be familiar with the metal Vibranium, which is the metal used to build Captain America’s shield.

 2. He Was Married to Storm

You may know Storm from X-Men, but you may not know that she met T’Challa (Black Panther) a long time ago and that they are childhood friends. After reconnecting and falling in love, both got married in an elaborate Wakandan ceremony surrounded by their superhero allies.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. When Namor attacked Wakanda, Black Panther wanted to focus more on being a King for the Civil War. Hence, the marriage was annulled in 2012.

3. Boseman Chose to Use an African Accent in the Film

If you are a fan of Marvel, or even if you are not, there is a high chance that you have watched at least one Marvel film.

Boseman, the star of Black Panther, decided to use an African accent in the film because he did not want to give the wrong idea that to be a ruler of Africa, you will need foreign education. This is especially so since Africa was colonized by many European countries for a long time in history.

 4. Black Panther Is in Almost Every Marvel Team

Besides from being the leader of the Wakanda tribe, Black Panther has been an honorary member of X-Men and made short appearances in Fantastic Four and the Defenders.

5. Black Panther Was the First Black Superhero Character in Mainstream Comics

Despite the appearances of other black characters before T’Challa, Black Panther was the first black character with superpowers to appear in comics.

This was way before DC’s Green Lantern and Black Lightning. In fact, Black Panther is the pioneer for black characters to start holding prominent roles in the comic industry. Since then, your everyday familiar comic heroes such as Falcon, Storm and Luke Cage have started holding more outstanding roles in comics.

 6. His Superpowers Come from a Heart-shaped Herb

Grown and found only in Wakanda, the heart-shaped herb that gave Black Panther his superpowers are definitely one of a kind. Some myths say that the herb was a gift from the Panther God, but it is actually a mutated herb due to long exposure to the Vibranium metal.

Only a few Wakandas can use it to gain strength, speed, healing abilities and endurance. You will be surprised at how powerful this herb is, gifting the user with superhero senses, night vision and the ability to hear their enemies’ heartbeat. On the other hand, others will only be poisoned and have terrible side effects after consuming it.

 7. He Debuted on An Episode of Fantastic Four

Most of the time, superheroes debut under other popular titles first before getting their own - Black Panther was no exception.

Debuted in a very popular episode of Fantastic Four, the current value of the comic can go up to thousands of dollars. The appearance of the Black Panther has given this episode some extra worth.

8. He Has a Reputation of Defeating Enemies More Powerful Than Him

With his intense training and superpowers, you may be surprised that Black Panther’s power level is comparable to Captain America. He has single-handedly taken down enemies who are way more powerful than him, such as Doctor Doom and Mephisto, as well as defeated the Fantastic Four and Avengers too.

It is safe to say that he might be Marvel’s version of Batman. With high physical strength, insane superpower abilities and always thinking of ways to outwit his opponents, Black Panther is one of the more powerful superheroes in Marvel.

9. He Owns a PhD In Physics

Looks like Black Panther is not only strong physically, but mentally, as well. With a PhD in Physics from Oxford University, T’Challa is an expert in advanced technology and weaponry, even to the point of reverse engineering bombs that could potentially destroy the whole planet.

10. He Was Almost Called Coal Tiger

However, the name was later used for Prince T’Chaka II, the son of Black Panther. He can transform into a feline-human with superpowers and razor-sharp claws. Like the Black Panther, he has enhanced senses, speed and agility.

These 10 interesting facts about Black Panther are a great conversation starter for any fan. There is no doubt he will remain one of the more prominent superheroes in future Marvel releases.