10 Fun Facts About Aquaman You Didn't Know

10 Fun Facts About Aquaman You Didn't Know


When it comes to DC Superheroes, most people probably would not think of Aquaman. As one of the more underrated heroes, Aquaman has a complicated history and strong powers.

There is so much more to Aquaman, other than him wearing an orange jumpsuit, talking to fishes or having a bad temper. Not merely a superhero, he is also one of the founding members of Justice League, a King and a wonderful husband. You can learn 10 interesting facts about him by the end of this read!

1. He was raised by dolphins

Born to Atlan, the evil wizard and Atlanna, the queen of Atlantis, young Aquaman was born with blonde hair. This was considered inauspicious in Atlantean culture, causing him to be left for dead on a reef in the open.

However, he also has the ability to breathe on land. With the ability to talk to animals as well, Aquaman was raised by dolphins until he met Arthur Curry, a lighthouse keeper who taught him how to be more human like.

2. “Talking to fishes” is not completely true

You may have the common misconception that Aquaman’s main superpower is to communicate verbally with fishes. This is wrong to a large extent.

The truth is, Aquaman can communicate with sea life and creatures through telepathy, and he can even gain complete control over all of them. This means that Aquaman can control dangerous sea animals, such as sharks, whales and stingrays to attack the enemies on his behalf.

3. His wife is an assassin

You might be familiar with how Aquaman fell in love with Mera after meeting her for the first time. However, she held a secret for years. She was a queen in another dimension, but felt a sense of belonging in Atlantis, despite being a treated as an outsider.

After losing their child in a battle, she and Aquaman parted ways, with her returning to her dimension. However, they started their romance again in 2010 “Brightest Arc Day”. She admitted that she was supposed to travel to another dimension to kill Aquaman but fell for him instead.

4. He has a half brother

You may remember that Aquaman’s father was an evil wizard. With that, Aquaman has a half- brother, Orm, who is also the ocean master. Knowing that he is a great threat to his power, Orm wanted to get rid of him.

Although Orm has a trident, he will be in pain from either using it or being separated from it. He is also very jealous of Aquaman, who managed to develop a romantic relationship with his cousin Kako and was fighting to be the King of Atlantis as well.

5. He owns a trident too!

Contrary to popular belief, Aquaman is a very powerful superhero. Not only can he control and communicate with sea creatures, he also has incredible strength like Superman and owns a weapon like Wonder Woman.

This trident is more than a fashion statement. His Trident of Neptune can control the weather, sea tide, and even make things disappear. It is indeed a powerful weapon, representing Aquaman’s skills and royal status.

6. He lost a hand before

When he was the King of Atlantis, he was constantly fighting his enemies and villains as well. As mentioned previously, his own half-brother was jealous of him and turned into a supervillain.

When Aquaman found out, he spiraled into depression. His sidekick, Aqualad, wanted to cheer him up by bringing them to an investigation. Turns out, it was only a trap created by Charybdis. He wanted to kill Aquaman in a pool full of piranhas.

However, he missed and fell into the pool instead, while Aquaman only lost his hand to the piranhas. Later, he replaced his missing hand with a hook.

7. He managed to break a sleeping curse

You may be curious about what kind of superpower that is. Unlike the other Justice League superheroes, Aquaman managed to break a sleeping spell. It all happened in 2000 when the Queen of Fables punished Wonder Woman for her beauty and cursed her under a sleeping spell.

Of course, other superheroes tried to break the spell but none of them succeeded. The spell could only be broken if Aquaman kissed her, because he is the lost Prince of Atlantis.

8. His debut comic sold for $75 000

Although Aquaman did not play a great role in his first comic, the additional appearance of Green Arrow in the debut comic greatly increased its value and price. The November 1941’s More Fun Comic #73 was sold for $75000 in mint condition, making it one of the top 100 comics in history.

9. He was one of the founding members of Justice League

If you are a hard-core fan, you will know that there are several versions of the Justice League. However, Aquaman has made an appearance on almost every single one of them. When the Justice League team debuted in 1960, their original and founding story was only written two years later.

In that Justice League debut aliens wanted to conquer Earth for their own use but many superheroes, such as Aquaman fought hard save the Earth from those aliens.

10. He has a fishing boat

Instead of a fancy operation room or underwater throne, Aquaman spends most of his time in a hideout, which is disguised as a wrecked fishing boat. It is a secret hideout where he plans his next moves.

These 10 lesser known facts about Aquaman are sure to impress any Justice League fan. As one of the essential Justice League member who is admittedly not as famous, Aquaman fans certainly look forward to seeing him feature more in future releases.