Preorder Info - Suits Batch2 - Free Gift - Shirt

  • By making pre-order you are guaranteed a unique discounted pre-sale price (you save $20) which will 100% go up after pre-sale
  • You will receive a free face mask ($39.99 value) which will be shipped out to you beforehand. The facemask will be added automatically to your cart along with the shirt, no need to add it manually
  • The collection is limited to 200 pieces only on first come first served basis while the stocks last
  • Estimated shipping time is March 1st, 2020 latest and we will keep you posted on any changes. All of the items are on the way to our warehouse and should be received by end of week of 02/17 at which point we just need 2 days to process them and start shipping.
  • As a bonus, all preorder customers will receive a special VIP discount code for the next batch of our SUPERWEAR™ apparel
  • You can cancel your preorder and get a refund at any point before the delivery and release your spot to someone else