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In recent years, superheroes have been adapted for the big screen, which has catapulted their popularity into the stratosphere. From Ironman to The Punisher to Dragon Ball Z, superheroes have captivated our imaginations and are now a part of popular culture. At iamsuperhero.com, we want to help you look cool during your workout with our range of Dragon Ball Z compression clothing.

Our Compression Apparel

Fans of Dragon Ball Z unite as we bring you the most comprehensive collection of Dragon Ball Z workout gear to date. Showcase your admiration for Goku or Vegeta and blow away the competition at the gym with our selection of compression apparel, including Goku and Vegeta workout shirts.

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Maybe you’re no gym buff but you have a love for DBZ. Fret not, as we offer a large selection of Dragon Ball Z compression shirts, tank tops, leggings and trousers for the discerning individual. Want to be as ripped as Vegeta but don’t have the time? No worries, show off your pecs with our Vegeta workout shirt, or flash those guns with our Dragon Ball Z tank tops.

We produce a wide range of clothing for both men and women – from our Dragon Ball Z tank tops and shirts, to leggings and pants to complement your active lifestyle. Stay warm on your run with Dragon Ball Z compression leggings, or watch your gains climb over 9000 with our DBZ compression shirt. It’s safe to say that any Dragon Ball Z fan will find it hard to resist our assortment of Dragon Ball-themed workout wear.

At iamsuperhero.com, we love superheroes and we strongly believe that there is a superhero inside every one of us. Thus, we hope to embody the superhero spirit through our clothing, which is specially targeted towards individuals who believe in living a healthy, active lifestyle.

The Benefits

Compression apparel is defined as specially-designed, form-fitting clothing that provides support and encourages good blood circulation. As a result, compression apparel is ideal for athletes or individuals who enjoy playing sports or physical exertion.

Improved Circulation

As any fitness enthusiast or athlete will tell you, good circulation is crucial for ensuring good sporting performance. When your muscles are being exerted, your body uses up oxygen in order to produce the energy to keep you going. In addition, oxygen is crucial to prevent the buildup of lactic acid, which in turn causes pain and cramping. Thus, this is why maintaining good blood-oxygen flow is crucial to ensure that you keep performing at your best.

Not only do our Dragon Ball Z compression clothes look good, but they can keep you warm on a cold day out on the track and field. Our top-quality gear helps keep your muscles in place during your workouts, which serves to improve blood circulation and reduces the chances of you sustaining an injury.

Enhancing Post-Injury Recovery

Compression equipment also helps stimulate recovery after an injury has been sustained. Some experts have argued that while it has little to no effect on an athlete’s actual performance, wearing compression gear post-workout has the positive effect of reducing the athlete’s recovery time.

This is because compression gear helps regulate your body temperature post-workout. Hence, encouraging recovery and preventing cramps. Along with this, the pressure applied by compression gear helps hold muscles and joints in place, which reduces soreness.

Reducing Pain from Working Out

If you have been overcome with a sharp, stabbing pain in your shins or cramps after working out, you have most likely suffered from shin splints from running, or cramps from overexertion.

A common problem suffered by many athletes is shin splints, a condition where said athlete suffers from debilitating pain below the knee. Often, the pain can become so bad that the athlete will not be able to continue. Shin splints happen for a variety of reasons, such as stress fractures (an incomplete fracture), to a sudden change in workout regimen.

In order to deal with this painful situation, doctors recommend a combination of rest and cold therapy. However, compression clothing i.e. such as our DBZ workout shirts and leggings can also help an athlete prevent this problem from occurring. Specialized leggings and compression running pants help prevent shin splints by improving blood circulation to the legs and providing additional support to the knee and ankle. Hence, this reduces the strain on the foot and significantly lowers the chances of shin splints occurring.

Dragon Ball Z

The Dragon Ball franchise started life as a manga that was written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. The series follows the adventures of the protagonist Son Goku from childhood to adulthood, as he trains in martial arts and explores the world in search of seven orbs known as Dragon Balls.

Along the way, Goku meets up with an unforgettable cast of characters - from the menacing Piccolo to the hilarious Vegeta. Dragon Ball Z, the sequel to Dragon Ball, followed Goku’s sons - Gohan and Goten - and explored their relationship with their father.

Initially released in Japan, Dragon Ball and its sequel Dragon Ball Z found popularity in the western world, with the series being released with English voice overs. With over 156 million copies of Dragon Ball sold in Japan and 240 million globally, it is no doubt that Dragon Ball is one of the most popular mangas of all time.

Son Goku epitomizes what it means to be a hero - loyal to a fault, cheerful to his friends and honorable to the very end. His goofy sense of humor and tough yet approachable persona has cemented his position in the hearts of fans all over the world.

Whether you’re shopping for a new gym outfit or looking to purchase a gift for a loved one, we have you covered. With our wide range of products, eye-catching designs and great prices, you’ll be spoilt for choice. So, don’t hesitate to get our Dragon Ball Z gym gear, especially if you’re a fan of the series.

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